Frantoio Pugliese Mimì dal 1980

A family history,
a history of Puglia

The strength of a seed making its way to heaven.
The strength of a dream and the wish to keep alive the most precious thing we have: love.

Frantoio Puglia - Produzione olio di oliva

Mimì is a desire, a dedication, a huge void we have tried to fill by carrying on the great dream of a man. Mimì was Domenico Conserva, and we are his family, two brothers, Donato and Michele, and his wife, Giuditta. Mimì has always dealt with transport, but his true passion, the one taking him really far away with his thoughts, the one flowing in his blood like the sap in his beloved trees was:
olive oil. He could not fulfill his dream, he didn’t have time to live the life he had always wanted, a life made of red ground, open air, nature.

Today we produce oil in the healthiest and respectful way possible, since this was the way how Domenico, “Mimì”, would have wanted his company to be, an example of research, quality, and devotion to earth.
This is the only way we want Mimì, our company to be, because in this way in every olive we harvest, in every square centimeter of our lands, in every single drop of this golden fragrant oil we can feel Mimì is here with us enjoying his dream.

Where we are

Contrada Gravinella, sn
70026 Modugno (BA)