Bag in Box Oil:
good to the last drop

The oil contained in the Bag in Box has got the identity taste of monovarietal cultivars, in a big and perfect format for the whole family need, or for a gift .
It is possible to choose between four different varieties, all with an intense and unique characteristic: Ogliarola, Peranzana, Coratina and Nocellara.

The right pack for tasting
every single nuance

The 3 liter Bag in Boxes are the best ways to preserve oil and protect it from heat, light and oxygenbecause the bottling process takes place under vacuum with the final addition of nitrogen for a better properties preservation.
In addition, the box taps the oil when used , without ever taking in air while releasing all its original flavor, right down the last drop.
Get the flavor all the way by choosing this format in the cultivar you wish.