Olio Mimì

The Mimì olive oil press.
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Mimì’s olive oil press originates in Contrada Gravinella near Modugno. Opened on 11 October 2015, it combines cutting-edge technology with energy efficiency, taking full advantage of the raw material and its elements.
The press uses two machines, one manufactured by Pieralisi and one of the latest generation from Mori-Tem.
Our equipment allows us to produce an oil of excellent quality, as it guarantees extreme cleanliness and a rigorous control of the extraction temperatures.


How is our production process different to others?

  • During the phase when the olives are removed from the branch, we wash and dry them so that any bacteria remaining in the water is removed prior to pressing.
  • Our pressing system is an advanced one due to the fact we are able to control the rotation speed of its blades. This allows us to intervene in the process in order to give our oil its characteristic flavour.
  • The paste is then cooled in a heat exchanger that brings the temperature down to a maximum of 19-20 degrees.
  • The Mori-Tem kneading machines are vertical and this allows the reduction of waiting times, in fact the time it takes for the paste to run to the decanter with no waiting time is of 20 minutes.
    In fact, up to now, the basis of the length and temperature of the kneading process have not been thought to have a negative effect on the product.
  • Our oil is filtered immediately after exiting the extractor.
  • The entire production process is managed by a touchscreen PC master station from which the temperature of each phase of the manufacturing process can be controlled to ensure maximum quality.
  • The oil is bottled and stored under nitrogen which allows for greater safety during the storing phase.
  • All our oils are analysed by certified laboratories and expert tasters.