Olio Mimì

Our Oil.
A quality oil for all tastes.

Mimì Oil: 5 lines, 3 values, 3 cultivars and 3 flavours.

Our lines: Premium Bio, Gold, Premium, Tin, Bag in Box.

Our values: Respect for the raw material and the customer; Quality of the work in each production phase and of the oil, and Transparency, through the traceability of the product and the clarity of each production phase.

RESPECT: respect for the raw material first, since an excellent oil can only come from excellent olives, and it is our job to process them while keeping their quality intact through our production process; respect for the customer and their needs; respect for the region, since this is carried into the flavour of the oil.

QUALITY: a high-quality oil must be free of imperfections that, in the majority of cases, derive from errors made during harvesting, transportation and manufacturing, such as a significant increase in temperature or the product becoming contaminated due to poor standards of equipment hygiene.
For this reason, due to their painstaking selection of raw materials, Mimì can guarantee the high quality of their products; in addition, two phase decanting allows for an ad hoc processing depending on the variety of olive, allowing us to maintain the highest quality standards.
Beyond the processing, further quality is obtained through careful filtration of the oil and storing it in appropriate silos under nitrogen.

TRANSPARENCY: In addition to the traceability of the product, the customer must be able to follow each phase of our oil production in a transparent manner: this is why we have built a press surrounded by a glass as clear and transparent as we are.

Cultivars: Ogliarola, Cima di Melfi, Coratina

OGLIAROLA BARESE - A mild, fruity green olive, clear and elegant with a hint of lettuce and cut grass. Fresh almond hits the palette first, with undertones of other vegetable notes. Fresh almond hits the palette first, with undertones of other vegetable notes. Equally sharp and spicy.

CIMA DI MELFI - Fruity green olive with medium intensity, rich and complex in vegetable and herbaceous tones, accompanied by a clear artichoke one. Clean on the pallette and full of personality with balsamic notes of aromatic herbs and, finally, artichoke. Equally sharp and spicy, medium intensity.

CORATINA - Intense, fruity green olive, full and enveloping rich and leafy with hints of artichoke accompanied by elegant spiced notes. Strong notes of leafy vegetables over which fresh almond and chicory stand out, with an after-taste of burdock. A strong and harmonious blend of sharpness and spice.

Flavours: full, medium, mild.

INTENSO - Full bodied, fragrant, strong.

MEDIO - Balanced and harmonious flavour.

DELICATO - Light and sweet notes.