To take care of

To cultivate means to take care of something. welcome it, make it grow, give space to diversity.
This is how Mimì cultivars come to life.

Olio di oliva Ogliarola


Fields of centuries-old olive trees with thick and strong trunks, give life to this very delicate and sensitive cultivar. Its pulp is pale and the resulting oil has golden shades. The fruity is of light intensity with hints of lettuce and cut grass. On the palate the fresh almond prevails giving the right balance between bitter and spicy. A cultivar that has a great alternating productivity, and thanks to its flavor can be paired with “friselle”, bread, bruschetta, soups, vegetables and ice cream preparation.

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Fruit of the world, the “coratina“ is a cultivar present in different areas of the world and of Puglia, due to its ability to adapt and its high productivity. The resulting oil has a fruity enveloping taste, rich in hints of leaves, artichoke, spices and an intense green colour. The balance between bitter and spicy is harmonious and remarkable.

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Olio Pugliese di Coratina
Olio extravergine cultivar Peranzana


Originally from the High Tavoliere (Plain) of Puglia, this cultivar is precious and rare and its roots sink into the distant Provence, to which its name is due, modified by some dialectal variations. The resulting oil is a medium intensity green fruity, rich in vegetable scents with hints of green apple and tomato leaves with a high content of clorophyll and carotene.

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Cima di Melfi

The peaks of Monte Vulture have been the first to see the birth of this cultivar with “thick hair and a bold attitude”, brought to Puglia about 50 years ago. The resulting olives, with a medium intensity green colour, have a strong fruity taste rich in vegetable scents and a clear reminiscent of aromatic leaves. Balsamic notes predominate on the palate creating a medium intensity balance between bitter and spicy.

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Vendita online olio extra vergine Cima di Melfi
Olio d'oliva Pugliese Cultivar Nocellara


Sicily is the origin area of this highly precious cultivar, with a high productivity. The resulting oil has a rich fruity, medium intense green colour, with a round and full taste with hints of tomato leaves. The good balance between pulp and stone gives life to an oil that represents an excellence that can be well paired with soups and fish.

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