High quality,
high technology

To have a highest quality oil, responding to specific standards, the sun, the ground, the care for plants are not enough by themselves.
Today, to produce a perfect oil, technology, combined with experience, is absolutely essential.

Produzione Olio Extra Vergine d'Oliva Pugliese

Here is how our oil comes to life.

During the offbranching procedure we wash and dry the olives before pressing to avoid bringing into
manufacturing process the bacteria still staying in water .

Our pressing system is an advanced procedure using blades whith a monitored rotation speed , this
allows us to intervene on the organoleptic characteristics of our oil.

The paste is cooled in an exchanger bringing its temperature to a maximum of 19-20 degrees.

The Mori-Tem malaxers are vertically positioned, this allows to reduce the holding time, in this way
the paste moving time without holding before entering the decanter is almost totally cancelled.

In fact, up to now, kneading has been based on time and temperature without considering that these
two factors could negatively affect the product.

Our oils are filtered immediately as they leave the extractor.

The management of the complete production cycle takes place through a PCC Touch system which
enable us to monitor the temperature in all the manufacturing stages to have maximum control over

The storage and the bottling of the oil takes place under nitrogen and this allows to reach a greater
safety during storage.

All our oils are analyzed by accredited laboratories and tasted by experts tasters.

Frantoio moderno pugliese: frangitura, gramolazione, filtraggio, imbottigliamento olio di oliva